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Miss Anna Reflects On Her Montessori Training

It is no exaggeration to say that this learning experience has overwritten more than a decade of professional thinking. To qualify this statement it is necessary to set a context, summarising my educational background before demonstrating an overview of my experiences of Montessori teacher training. Following this I will focus specifically on the two areas …


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Protecting Toddlers from Tooth Decay

Limit any sweet food to mealtimes and no more than one sweet snack per day. The other snacks should be savoury. Do not give toddlers sweet drinks, including fruit juice and smoothies, as both the acid and sugar in these can damage the teeth. If fruit juice is given, parents should be advised to dilute …


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Positive Feeding Habits for Early Years

Toddlers’ nutritional requirements differ from those of older children and adults. Rapidly growing and with small stomachs, toddlers require more nutrients in each mouthful of food than adults. Here are five key points to keep in mind, developed by experts specialising in early years nutrition and development. A balance of nutrients will be supplied by …


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Tips for communicating effectively

Behaviour is communication. Observe your child. What provokes different types of behaviour? How do you respond? What happens next? Sometimes children learn through cause and effect ‘what buttons to press’ to gain responses from adults. Make sure you give plenty of positive attention to your child. Allow sufficient time for the child to do what …


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A Montessori Way of Life

Often the learning our children are doing, naturally, independently, on a day-to-day basis, goes almost unnoticed in the flurry of daily life.  But in fact it is just those day-to-day activities that create the authentic context where so much learning is taking place. Look for example at a toddler getting ready to go to nursery …


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Treasure Baskets

This is a treasure basket.  Babies and toddlers learn by actively doing, engaging life with all their senses.  The Treasure Basket was conceived with this in mind, providing objects of various sensory qualities for the youngest children to investigate. The Treasure Basket is strong enough for a sitting baby or toddler to lean an elbow on …


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Following Montessori principles at home

As featured in Juno, Winter 2014 Carine Robin finds it helpful to follow Montessori principles at home. I’m a Montessori teacher, but I’m primarily a mother.  When my daughter was born, I already had plenty of experience in childcare and a background in psychology, but I was living abroad, isolated from family support.  I remember …


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5 myths about toddlers!

Toddlers who tantrum are naughty A toddler who never tantrums is more concerning to a psychologist than one who does so frequently! Toddlers don’t have the brain capacity necessary to regulate their own emotions; so when they get angry, scared or upset, they don’t have the emotional ‘self-talk’ necessary to calm themselves down and to …


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Little Aqua – Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming Swimming is one of the most beneficial and fun sports to become involved with. The umbrella of swimming covers a number of different areas such as fitness, rehabilitation, competitive clubs, diving and water polo. Swimming is an excellent way of keeping fit as it combines aerobic and anaerobic forms of exercise whilst …


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Reality or Fantasy?

It is a big question in Montessori education. When adults think about childhood, they often associate it with fantasy: Disney stories, fairytales, Santa Clause.  But Maria Montessori had a different opinion. From birth to 6 years old, the child is a human being in formation. He learns about the world around him. He wants to …