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Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is one of the most beneficial and fun sports to become involved with. The umbrella of swimming covers a number of different areas such as fitness, rehabilitation, competitive clubs, diving and water polo. Swimming is an excellent way of keeping fit as it combines aerobic and anaerobic forms of exercise whilst strengthening muscle. It is used by medical professionals and personal trainers as a way of recovering from severe operations because it is a low impact sport meaning anyone with muscle or joint pains will benefit from this form of therapy. Swimming is a crucial life skill, so much so that schools in the United Kingdom have made it part of their national curriculum for over a century.

On the 10th November 2015 BBC news and ITV’s Good Morning Britain covered the 125th anniversary of swimming being incorporated into schools. In this report (from the Good Morning Britain website for your viewing pleasure) figures show that 49% of 7-11 year olds cannot swim the national curriculum’s 25 metres distance. This equates to 6 million pupils unable to meet the minimum requirement for swimming! To reach these goals schools across the country will have to heavily invest their resources into more swimming lessons, but of course this will take time and money which is a rare luxury in today’s education climate.

LittleAqua is a successful swim school whose mission is to create confident swimmers in a fun and safe environment, using natural progression as a means to define each child’s achievement. Running for over four years now, LittleAqua has built up its reputation as one of the best private swim schools in the area with over 600 hundred swimmers across a number of pools in the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire area.

LittleAqua is an exclusive swim school that offers a variety of sessions that children enjoy and learn from. At LittleAqua we take time and pride in allowing children to fully indulge themselves in swimming.  We feel that the early stages for every little swimmer are crucial. We understand this and our teaching is tailored to allow our swimmers to be more confident when beginning to learn the strokes. We run a variety of swimming lessons, from parent and child sessions up to the age of two and a half to our private and semi-private sessions starting from the age of two and a half onwards.

We are proud to state that 99% of our 7-11 year old swimmers can swim the national average distance and use this as part of their warm up.

For more information about LittleAqua and everything we do feel free to check out our website, Facebook page or give us a call:

01480 716231

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you choose LittleAqua to teach your child to swim.

Marc Brock

Manager LittleAqua


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