Treasure Baskets

treasureThis is a treasure basket.  Babies and toddlers learn by actively doing, engaging life with all their senses.  The Treasure Basket was conceived with this in mind, providing objects of various sensory qualities for the youngest children to investigate.

The Treasure Basket is strong enough for a sitting baby or toddler to lean an elbow on without flipping the basket. It is filled with objects of varying tactile qualities, opposing the trend to give commercial plastic toys.  As a baby notices a seashell or lemon, then picks it up to explore with gums and tongue, she simultaneously catches its texture, colour, scent and flavour. As a baby shakes or bangs a whisk or a bunch of keys, he notices the sounds he has produced as well as the sensations in his arm and hand. Such actions strengthen cognitive development and motor control.

While babies enjoy the Treasure Basket, the parent sits nearby, quietly observing and enjoying the action but not interfering unless necessary. Babies need opportunities to make their own discoveries, and adult talk poses a distraction to their concentration.

Try one with your nearest and dearest, they cost nothing and the opportunities are endless.