The children bring in their own healthy packed lunch. The children prepare their lunch table using the appropriate crockery, cutlery and glasses (which are provided by the school). They eat their lunch with their peers and adults whilst enjoying socialising with them. They wash up afterwards.
For the benefit of all children we ask that no sweets, chocolate or crisps be included in their packed lunches. We also ask parents not to include nuts in lunch boxes, due to nut allergies. A healthy balanced lunch can consist of wholemeal bread sandwiches, salad, pasta, vegetables, yoghurt, fruit and a drink of water (no fizzy drinks please).

Click Here for Healthy Lunch Ideas


During the sessions, the teachers and Key Person will observe each child using My Montessori Child; based on these observations, the child's progress can be established and recorded. The Key Person makes learning plans and records the work accomplished; all two year olds have a progress development check. Development reports using photographs are compiled on each child attending the nursery.


Information for parents is displayed on a notice board in the entrance. Through My Montessori Child the nursery publishes weekly news and planning with information about the activities we will be covering, as well as term dates.


The children are encouraged to respect themselves and others and care for their environment. Ground rules are explained to each child. Any concerns regarding a child's behaviour are discussed with the parents to ensure consistency when dealing with a situation.


Your child needs to bring the following items on a daily basis.
• A coat and outdoor shoes
• A complete change of clothes
• Wellington boots for wet weather - to be left at school during term time
• Waterproof trousers and jacket
• Slippers - to be left at school during term time
• Sunhat and sun cream in warm weather
• Gloves and hat in cold weather


Daisies Montessori Nursery School aims to forge a strong partnership with parents to support and enhance the development of the child. There are opportunities for parental involvement on a week by week basis and there is always something to celebrate in spring, summer and winter. For example, the nursery has a fun sports day in the summer, and a special Christmas nativity performance. The nursery has an annual parents meeting and encourages parents to contact the nursery through My Montessori Child, by e-mail or by requesting to see a teacher.


Encourage your child to be independent by:
- Arriving at the cloakroom door between 9.00-9.30 where you will be let in.
- Encouraging your child to find their peg and put their coat on it.
- Encouraging your child to put their lunch box on the trolley (if they have one).
- Giving your child a big hug and a kiss and say goodbye in the cloakroom.
- Your child will go in to the classroom independently.
- Once your child is in the classroom, relay any messages to the member of staff on the door.
- Read any messages in the cloakroom.


- Arrive at the side door at either 12.00, 12.30 or between 2.40-3.00 depending on the session your child has attended.
- Your child will be brought to you.
- Items to go home will be in your child's backpack.
- Use these as a starting point to talk to your child about their day.


The children are encouraged to respect themselves and others and care for their environment. Ground rules are explained to each child. Any concerns regarding a child's behaviour are discussed with the parents to ensure consistency when dealing with a situation. The mission of Daisies Montessori Nursery School is in part to help children become intrinsically motivated learners. We ask that children follow certain general classroom expectations as listed below.

1. Any child can do work as long as they:
• Have had a lesson
• Work safely and appropriately
• Work quietly
• Respect themselves, others and the environment

2. Take materials to a mat or table.

3. Return work to the shelf in the condition it was found (or better).

4. One child per activity (with exceptions governed by the teacher).

5. Restore the environment:
• Chair in
• Spills/area cleaned up.

6. No child touches the work of another or interferes with another’s activity by touching, correcting, taking over or behaving in a way that will disturb another’s concentration.

7. A child may join another if he is invited or gets permission. This includes watching (watching is eyes only, not touching or talking).

8. No child is ever forced to share her activity or materials (this could make them obsessive about their rights. A child must be 4 years old or older to truly share).

9. Children are not forced to participate in a group activity. They may watch. They cannot disturb an activity they choose not to join. They may be excused if they participate inappropriately.

10. Each child deserves the right to do nothing at all. They may sit and muse or take time alone. Doing nothing does not include wandering and disturbing the work of others.


We have several policies for you to view and download. Please click the button below to see the policies page.


``The owner and her staff use self-evaluation well. They gather the views of children and parents and are constantly implementing new ideas and adapting activities to enhance children's learning experiences``
Ofsted 2017