Some comments from parents

Here are a selection of comments from parents past and present.  For more information about the nursery, about Montessori teaching or to book a visit please do get in touch via our contact us page

My daughter has been at Daises for a year and she has truly blossomed during her time at this nursery! Everything from her social skills to her vocabulary have come on faster than I ever imagined. The staff are so welcoming to both parents and children and it is easy to address any queries or questions about my daughter's day to day learning. I can't praise all the ladies enough for all their work with my daughter! Not a day has gone by that she hasn't wanted to go to nursery and we look forward to seeing how she grows in the next year!

Both our children have been to Daisies (one is now at school and one is still there). The staff are first class - extremely knowledgeable and place the well-being of the children at the core of everything they do. I'm sure the Montessori approach may not suit absolutely everyone, but our 2 children have very different personalities yet both thrived under the guidance of the manager and the incredible staff. If you want your children to learn how to use iPads etc. you will have to take that task on yourself - my ratings are based on the Montessori approach to education so I have not marked Daisies down in this area. I feel like the children are sufficiently challenged whilst learning key life skills to ensure they are well equipped for school. I would recommend Daisies to any parent wanting the best start for their children from an excellent team who will treat your children as if they were their own.

Outstanding nursery, providing brilliant care on virtually a one to one basis. My son came on so well having moved to Daisies from a much larger and less personal setting. My daughter is positively thriving here and being extended in her learning where the staff see her ability to do so. The staff care so much about the children, there is not a doubt in my mind that this is the best setting for my child to be educated and cared for within. I would recommend this nursery to anyone reluctant to leave their child, outgoing or anxious children or anyone seeking the best education and care for their child.

I found this wonderful place after chatting to some other Mums at a local soft play area and decided that it was where I wanted my child to go. My child loves going here and has learned so much in such a short time. The teachers are fabulous, very friendly and you can tell they really care for the children. I love the quiet area it's in and the ease of parking is another winner for us. I think the observations on how your child is getting on are great too. I would highly recommend Daisies Montessori Nursery School to other parents. We just love it!

Our son attended Daisies Montessori from January 2015 to July 2016. He enjoyed his time and made his first best friend there. We liked the fact that he was able to pursue his interests such as learning about animals and discovering the world. He is still very passionate about countries in his new school! The owner is passionate about bringing the best to the children in her care. We are convinced that we have been given a very good start to our son's education and we are happy to recommend this preschool to everyone!

My daughter left this nursery in July 2015. She loved her time here and so did I. In fact 8 of my 9 children have attended here and I can't wait for the fun to begin all over again when I plan to enrol my youngest child in the spring. My children, all very different in character, have all flourished at this wonderful little nursery school. My first child was so reluctant to leave me but the care and dedication of the staff were clear as they comforted both him and me by a reassuring phone call to let me know all was well.
I believe wholeheartedly in the Montessori method of education and it certainly set my children in good stead for starting primary school when the time came. Some of my children had only just turned 4 when they started primary, yet thanks to this great start they seemed prepared! A high point for our family has always been the Christmas production and the summer sports day. All in all a home from home atmosphere with fantastic quality educating.

My son is a very active 3-year-old who needed a lot more variety in his day than watching his mum clean the house! Daisies has been the perfect place for him. Since starting at the school last autumn he's found interest in so many new things and generally LOVES being at school. The staff are very attentive and are always cheery and absolutely wonderful to work with. My older two boys attended pre-school as well, but I'm not sure they ever got the level of attention and care that my littlest does on a daily basis. He really enjoys Daisies and I'm really glad to have found you!

The team, ethos and supportive environment at Daisies is very heart warming. The new manager and owner have taken my sons’ additional needs (he has Down's Syndrome) completely in their stride. The fabulous staff actually embrace the new skills, including sign language, to the benefit of all the children and my son has become a very confident and chatty little boy who loves his key worker and the whole school experience. The sensory based learning is perfect for a child who is more practical than naturally academic and he has blossomed. I really cannot rate them highly enough.

My son has attended this nursery for a little over a year. Daisies was the third nursery we looked at and was by far the most superior. My son and I were both impressed with the quiet, calm atmosphere and the independence all the children exhibited. We adore the caring staff and I am impressed with the changes the new management has brought. I always recommend this nursery to anyone who asks and we will miss the Daisies family when my son goes to Reception next year.

My son started in this nursery 3 years ago, after being at a different nursery. We have seen the changes in his behaviour and his learning improved greatly. I always find the team pleasant and extremely helpful. They made us feel welcome as they are approachable and easy to talk to. Obviously we chose to send our daughter too. We have always been happy with everything and we have seen many improvements since the new owner and the new manager took over last year. We didn't know about the Montessori education until we sent our children here but we wouldn't go back to another kind of pre-school. My son was an active outdoor child and we like the fact that he was always allowed to be outside whatever the weather. We feel it's a home from home environment where the staff are caring and give cuddles. They helped our children to settle quickly.

This was the best thing I could ever do for my son. He has improved and grown so much just by going to the nursery. The staff are amazing, they work with the children and they teach them how to be independent. The nursery is not just about playing with cheap plastic toys, it is about teaching them how to learn.

I'm very impressed by the calm atmosphere and the gentleness of the staff. The room is well equipped and the Montessori curriculum truly embraced. I appreciate the small number of children and parents are well included.